Solutions for Captives & Industrial Consumers

Solutions for Captives

NKP energy is the top provider of power trading solutions in Rajasthan with an objective to build up a commercially vibrant power market. NKP energy has emerged, over the decade, as the holistic solutions provider with its existence in every connection of energy supply chain. Power Ministry Notification on the operations of Open Access declared on 30th Nov’ 2011 has opened giant potential for Open Access Consumers to acquire power competitively.
In this regard, NKP energy welcomes EHT/HT Consumers in Rajasthan :

(i) With least contract demand of 1 MW to enter into agreements with Nkp energy for purchasing power through short term as well as medium term mutual.

(ii) With least contract order of 1 MW to enter into agreements with Nkpenergy for purchase of power through power exchange.

(iii) To satisfying their RPOs through procurement of renewable power or RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates)

(iv) Installation of ABT meter set and telemetry system (RTU) for open access in Rajasthan.

(iv) For consultancy services in Rajasthan.